Wedding Awards Finalists ;)

Oohhhhhhh yeeeahhh! We’re finalists in the North of England Wedding Awards 2013.

On a scale of one to a gazillion we’re feeling pretty much off the scale proud of ourselves right now. We’re getting pretty good at this whole awards malarkey! Big shout going out to all the props, including Shrek, Sooty, Sweep, Yoda and the Star Wars crew for making it all possible!

Meanwhile, back on planet bookings, our diaries are jam packed with beautiful brides, gorgeous grooms and their fabulous guests and every booking we count a billion blessings that we get to call this photo fun-fest our work. We’re pretty sure that in some states having this much fun on the job is pretty much illegal!

The question is, how on earth could we possibly make being Boothalicious any better? We suggest you watch this space to find out, because that is precisely what we’re bringing you this Autumn……To Boothalicious, and beyond!!

#wedding #weddingindustryawards #photobooth #photo #event #entertainment #boothalicious #bestnewcomer #nationalfinalists

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