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Despite only having half an ounce of fashion sense between us, even Karen and I understand the elevated level of awesome that Boothalicious has eached this week with our feature in Vogue magazine. Hell, we’re feeling so sex in the city we’ve even considered exchanging our trademark polo shirts and hoodies for something more altogether suiting of a fledgling fashionista….the word ‘chinos and cute pumps’ rolled off our tongue like we were all of a sudden hip and sassy! Then, back in the real world as we juggle motherhood with running arguably THE best photobooth in the history of photobooths, we remember phrases like ‘practical’ and ‘easily washable’ and land back on solid ground, in our comfortable converse with a big fat wallop!

Seriously though, as two normal (yeah right) girls with homes to run, ankle-biters to love and a gazillion and one other tasks to take care of, we’ll make some time this week to celebrate our success (most likely with cake) and pat each other on the back. It’s great to be recognised at such a national level for doing what we do best – being silly, having fun and encouraging the crazy side in everyone we meet. So if you have a glass, please raise it, if not use this as a perfect excuse……’cheers!’

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