The BIG giveaway

Eeeesshh! The sheer joy of reaching a staggering 5000 likers has driven us into giveaway overdrive! How many booths are we giving away? Not one, oh no, that would never cheer enough people. Is it two we hear you ask? Pah, we laugh in the face of two freebies and send it packing. Nope, we’re giving a whopping great THREE booths away to lucky winners for simply liking our post, leaving us a little comment (you’ll have to see the facebook page for the juicy deets) and sharing the boothalicious love with new, unsuspecting posers. So, what are you waiting for? ENTER, ENTER NOW!

#photobooth #photobooth #boothalicious #competition #giveaway #freebooth #enter #entertainment #durham

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