It’s our birthday!

Yo boothies, it’s our birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s our birthday! Who'd have thunk that we’d reach the grand old age of three? Now, let’s put this age thing into perspective. If we were a child we’d only be a toddler, and it’s true we do display a lot of childish traits, sticking our tongues out, pulling silly faces and raahing like a dinosaur more that once a night. But in the fast moving, ever-growing wedding industry we’re pretty much veterans! It’s with pride that we say we were genuinely the first studio booth to set-up in the north-east, an approach we took to ensure quality, large group shots and a personalised approach. We knew who we were and worked hard to prove our worthiness, developing new concepts and moving the business forward. From a small team of two and just one booth, we now have an amazing team of boothologists and three booths. This year, as we trough our cake, we’re celebrating how far we’ve come, how many happy memories we’ve created and the trail of success we’ve left to inspire others. One thing remains as true on our third birthday as it did on our first, being boothalicious rocks.

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