Canny Kynren!

We're continuously proud of the journey we've taken with Boothalicious and need no excuses to celebrate the fact that we've grown beyond our expectations. Today, however, is a special day indeed, today we celebrate our fourth birthday. As we've become more mature it seemed fitting to celebrate in a more grown up fashion and we found the perfect answer right on our doorstep - Kynren. For months now we've followed the build-up from friends who were utterly immersed in the experience, watched the adverts give a glimpse of what to expect and to say we were a tad excited is an understatement! From the bus journey to the giant hot dogs, the Pimms tent to the atmospheric music while we waited for dusk to fall, everything built our hopes up higher and higher and we were not disappointed. Despite our historical ignorance, we were transported on a journey through time that was so magical we were moved to tears more than once. The firework finale was nothing short of phenomenal and the rapturous rounds of applause, whooping and cheering told us we weren't the only ones who were left feeling a little wiser and infinitely prouder of our heritage and the success that can be achieved with a little dream and a lot of dedication. It turns out growing up rocks, and do does Kynren.

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