Going to the dogs!

If the rumour mill were to be believed you may well have heard that Boothalicious is going to the dogs. This rumour is not one we'll deny, however the myth that our booth is going down the pan must be dispelled, we were in fact taking our fifth birthday celebrations to Sunderland Racecourse. Midweek was a must as we sought a suitable way to celebrate, as anyone in this industry knows a Friday or Saturday night off needs to be booked at least two years in advance!! The offer of a three course meal, a cheeky wager and the opportunity to sponsor a race (with a bottle of free fizz) was just too tempting to pass up. The food was beautiful, far surpassing our expectations, but the gambling was a bit more hit and miss. In just over two hours we tried pretty much every theory to get us to success; "Back a name that's meaningful." said the big boss. "I look at the previous form," muttered the big lad, fancying his chances as a tout. Kaylee had other ideas, "I like it when they've got a nice jumper on!!" Needless to say our success was short lived until we decided our only way of coming up trumps was to back one each and share out the winnings! Our race, The Tashtastic Trophy, filled us with excitement and as we tottered down to trackside (a la Nicole Sherzinger visiting Lewis in the pit) to present the winning dog, Star with her prize, we felt immensely proud of ourselves and just how far our booth baby has come in the last five years. We raised a few more glasses in celebration before heading home with full bellies, happy smiles and a jingling purse full of pennies won.

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