We've been nominated!

Although we pretend to be grown up business women forging our way in the wedding industry, the truth is we're actually just big kids. And just like kids, there are a few things that fill our hearts with happiness. The first being praise, whether it's at a booking, by post, text or social media comments, we love to have our heads patted for doing a job well. We're fortunate enough to receive this regularly from our wonderful brides and grooms. However, the North of England Wedding Awards takes it to a whole new level; it's our chance to high-five our team, pat each other on the back and shout from the rooftops that we truly do rock. Surely it's no coincidence that year after year we receive votes of confidence, kind words and a big enough affirmation of our awesome to become finalists in the outstanding customer service section of these prestigious industry awards. As our business booms, we're hopeful that one day we may even seize the winners crown and sit upon the throne of fabulousness. Perhaps 2017 could be our year?? So, if you're in the vicinity of York on 18th September, listen out for shrieks of joy, endless whooping and the pop of a fair few corks! NOEWA, we're coming to get you!!  

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