If you’ve ever fancied a job as a boothologist but you’re not quite sure where to start, these are just a few of the skills you’ll need and happenings that might occur on your shift:

Absolutely, 100 gazillion percent capable of making the most outlandish fool of themselves – at all times. Banter – we bounce off the crowd and our interaction is what brings us brilliant feedback time and time again. People are coming in to the booth to have a good time and we’re there to positively encourage that. Crowd control – our booth is open plan, which means it acts like a form of entertainment. We take the safety of our guests, selves and equipment very seriously and always make sure everyone is safely where they should be. Daft as a brush – whether it be horsing around for test shots or creatively coming up with new impromptu poses (fingers up your nose anyone?), being a little bit tapped and not taking yourself too seriously are imperative attributes. Expect the unexpected and manage it effectively…like the time a guest really wanted you to catch him setting his chest hair on fire. Priceless. Fez. Six years ago we didn’t know this was big enough to hide the modesty of a male guest, now we know it absolutely can! In a flurry of quick-thinking, the humble fez has also doubled up as a sick bucket mid-shot, such is its versatility. Group shots are one of our fortes but undoubtedly one of the most difficult to manage, being prepared to be a bit of a bossy boots at times ensures our group shots are on point! Hearing aids aren’t essential to the job but the ability to lip read above the noise of a busy room is a must. Inhibitions – best just leave them in the car. When you’re gurning more than Les Dawson at a Butlin’s reunion and shouting at people to do their ‘poo face’, there’s no time for them! Just joking….be prepared to take a joke. Know your customer – just because Jez (one of the rugby lads) wants to wear the horse mask and have his mane pulled while lassoing the air, doesn’t mean that the same pose would be perfect for Auntie Beryl and Uncle Fred* *though there have been a few randy old buggers who’ve been well keen! Laugh out loud every single shift, it’s hard not to and although there are some things we see time and time again, party-goers never fail to surprise us with their crazy poses. We especially love the bridal parties who turn into The Rock and insist on picking up their unsuspecting brides – undoubtedly some of the best facial expressions we’ve captured. Mime – when Keith (who’s dressed like a Hawaiian mermaid) can’t hear you telling him to put his hand behind his head like a 1950s pin-up girl and pout, you’ve just got to be prepared to show him! Nurture and support our smallest posers so they feel confident and relaxed enough to enjoy the fun too. Operate efficiently. We had to sneak one serious one in there, didn’t we? Partake in a bite from the buffet. When we are invited to share the sumptuous food on offer, we are at our all-time happiest. Think of the lion at the zoo who’s just been thrown a steak. Roooarrr.

Props - Our bread and butter, our tools of the trade. It surprising how many day to day objects work fabulously well in the booth. Quick to offer suggestions when folk are feeling nervous. Pout, stick your tongue out, make a face like your favourite animal! Rapport – We hope it goes without saying that we strike up a good rapport with our clients to meet their needs. However, we also pride ourselves on the camaraderie that we have with other suppliers that we’ve established over our six years in the business. We support and are supported by some great individuals and their businesses and to know that they recommend us on the basis of our expertise and service is priceless. Speech bubbles. In-jokes, cute nicknames and just downright derogatory in some instances, but when held with precision alongside the perfect facial expression, they can absolutely bring a shot to life – we lurrrrrvvve them. Time-keeping. We pride ourselves on our ability to be ready to rock ‘n’ roll on time, every time. From the minute we ‘open’ we’re ready to entertain, make memories and print up a storm. UTB – A Geordie and a Manc, we had no idea what this meant until the ten-millionth request for it as a speech bubble. We now see it as our job to educate the masses who pick up a speech bubble saying ‘UTB’ with a quizzical look and tell them exactly what it means…..answers on a postcard. Virgins – following on from our UTB innocence, we were also parmo virgins until our very late thirties. Now they’ve even been on Masterchef we can totally class ourselves as cultured but we’re always up for trying new taste sensations. #feedusseymour Wiggle along to the music of choice whilst working. There’s nothing quite like a bit of movement to share the joy. X-ray vision – we love our props but so do other people, so much so they sometimes try to sneak them up their jumpers, into their handbags and in some very imaginative (or unimaginable) places. Having hawk-eyes means we can keep hold of our assets so many more people can enjoy them too. Yuletide Shenanigans – just like a dog isn’t just for Christmas, a photobooth isn’t purely for weddings either. Over the years we’ve sang our hearts out and witnessed many a move under the mistletoe at corporate events. Such is our festive popularity that many companies, such as Santander, Virgin Media and Johnson Apparelmaster book us year on year, proving our service is something to be proud of. Zzzzzz – we often work long hours and late into the night, but we do love our beauty sleep and well deserved it is too. 

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